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Providing Concrete Solutions to Creative Structural Problems

We are a team of highly experienced and architecturally sensitive structural engineers focusing on client satisfaction, product quality and cost efficiency. Scovis utilizes the latest technologies for an integrated design approach, Building Information Modeling and specialized structural engineering analysis and design software. We are experienced with a multitude of projects types from single family residential to highly complex commercial and custom structures. 

About Scovis

Our aim is to collaborate with the design team to integrate our structural solutions with the vision of the team, whether it be an architectural masterpiece or an owner's need for a functional design of upgraded services.


Major Cornerstones of Our Work

  • Provide structural engineering designs that are based on economics, performance and structural principles.

  • Integrating structural solutions with clients needs and vision

  • Provide proactive service in order to motivate and assist the collaboration moving forward

Commonwealth of Virginia Small and Micro Business Certified

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We create innovative engineering solutions across a variety of project types utilizing a multitude of different materials. Scovis engineers are well versed in typical construction materials, such as Reinforced Concrete, Post-Tensioned Concrete, Structural Steel and Concrete Masonry and unusual construction materials, such as Glass, Cables, Fabric Structures and Ultra High Performance Concrete.

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Ultra High Performance Concrete Design

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About Our Partners

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Travis Corwith, P.E. (DC, MD, VA, CA, WV, NY, MN, FL, NV)

Travis has worked on a variety of project types including buildings, bridges and special structures. His designs have included use of a variety of materials including modern materials such as Glass, Carbon Fiber, and Ultra High Performance Concrete, as well as contemporary materials such and Reinforced Concrete, Post-Tensioned Concrete, Steel, Masonry and Timber Construction.  Travis has been recognized as a Computer Modeling expert in the use of sophisticated analysis software types and packages.  He has been vital in successfully integrating building information modeling and structural analysis for intricate and complex projects. 

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Scott M. Bouvia, P.E., S.E. (VA, MD, DC, PA, NY, NJ, NC, FL, IL)

Scott has a broad range of experience on multiple project types, including residential, educational, commercial, and mixed-use structures. He is well versed in working with a wide variety of material types including Reinforced Concrete, Post-Tensioned Concrete, Steel, Wood, and Masonry. Scott has also been recognized as Computer Modeling and Software Analysis expert and has utilized many advanced software packages and types. He also provides quality assurance and quality control to maintain the drawings, specifications, and communication to its highest standard throughout the project life cycle.  Scott is currently a licensed Structural Engineer in Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia and Illinois. He also serves as a Structural Specialist in the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue System.  Outside of the office he enjoys being outdoors, working on house projects, and working on all types of machinery with his wife who is also a structural engineer. 

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to learn more.

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