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Goodwin House Alexandria Small House Living Health Care Center

Performed structural analysis and design of the multi-story new building. The main gravity resisting elements in the building consisted of Infinity Cold Formed Panels and Epicore Long Span Metal Decking, which were supported on top of the podium slab on the first floor of the East side of the building and of the Second floor on the West side of the building. The lateral system was comprised of stair and elevator core walls. The first floor on the West side of the building was required to accommodate a clear span of 65 feet in order for the residents auditorium, therefore a large post-tensioned concrete girder was utilized to support he 4 stories above and green roof. The post-tensioned concrete girder has approximately 2.2 million pounds of force and was designed as a staged construction girder. The project required a high degree of coordination between all consultants in order to accommodate the large amount of post-tensioning required at the podium slab levels. In order to support the large load of the building on the existing subgrade soils, rammed aggregate pier soil improvement was required and concrete foundations, including shear wall foundations were designed to accommodate the bearing capacities provided by the soil improvement. 

*Performed by Scovis Principals while at Previous Firms

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